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Naan Kosong

RM 2.50

Naan Garlic

RM 3.50

Naan Cheese

RM 4.50

Naan Kismis (Raisins)

RM 3.50

Naan Double Cheese

RM 6.00

Naan Garlic Cheese

RM 6.00 Recommended

Naan Mozarella Cheese

RM 7.00

Naan Triple Cheese

RM 7.00

Naan Mozarella Beckham Special

Fusion of chicken meatloaf, turkey slices & mozzarella cheese.

RM 8.00 Recommended

Naan Bombay

Fusion of chicken/beef, chili padi, chicken meatloaf & mozzarella cheese.

RM 9.00

Tandoori Chicken

RM 6.00 Recommended